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When it is time for a completely new garage door we have you covered. We can install a new garage door for you in just a matter of hours and we have all of the different types and styles you are looking for to make your home look beautiful. Garage doors come in many different sizes and materials. It is always best if you can measure the height and width of your garage door before you call and that will help us give you the best possible estimate.

Garage doors in McCordsville are primarily what are called roll up garage doors and in many cases are made of aluminum. Many people will go out and get a McCordsville garage door, Lowe's garage door or Sears’s garage door and all of these chains just subcontract that work out to local companies like ours and charge you more for the same garage door and installation that you would get with us.

The material garage doors of made of are usually aluminum, wood, and steel and it is all personal preference on which is best for you. Genie Garage Door Openers are some of the most popular openers currently in use in McCordsville. Unfortunately we get a lot of calls to get them repaired or replaced. They are not necessarily bad but just on the lower end of the garage motors available today.

Also many people try to install them themselves and that does not always work out the best. We can handle the repair of your Genie garage door opener or any of the garage door openers on the market today. We will let you know if you need a higher powered motor to make your garage door open properly. Our Company offers a complete line of high quality Garage Doors, Openers, Parts, and Accessories by major brand names. Our technicians are experts in there field and work is warranted. Our Company carries a complete line of doors from top brand names.

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We are happy of suggestions on the right parts and cost effective methods to repair or replace your door. Any questions you may have we will gladly answer to help you make a decision. Some of our products offered are listed below. All doors provided by our Company are hurricane tested and coded.     licensed and insured

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