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Having a Smart Button allows you to operate your garage door opener with a lot more possibilities. The Smart Button can work with many remote controls and the installation is as simple as replacing your existing push button or connecting the Smart Button in parallel to your existing Wall Console.

All wireless signal transmissions are based on the rolling code technology, which sends a different code each time the garage door is opened or closed, further enhancing security. With the receiver connected to the push button, you can make this remote control kit universal. Simple installation. No programming required. Simply plug and play. Compatible with the In-Car Garage Door Opener.

Add an unlimited number of remote controls to your system. This Keychain Remote Control with Brackets operates most national garage door openers. It is small enough to carry in a pocket or a purse. Also ideal for motorcycles and bicycles. The one-button remote control comes with a Visor Clip to secure the remote control firmly on the car's visor and allows the driver to conveniently control the garage door opener.

The Keyless Entry System operates most national garage door openers, providing the convenience of accessing your garage and home without carrying a remote control or key. If you are experiencing compatability issues between your McCordsville Garage Door Remotes Transmitter and your existing garage door opener, simply add the UR-100 Universal Receiver to solve the problem.

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The McCordsville Garage Door Remotes Closer is equipped with a Timer-to-Close function that will close the door automatically after a preset time interval. Features both audio and visual indicators. McCordsville Garage Door Remotes Monitor Alert Systems detects the doors position and alerts you when the garage door is open.     licensed and insured

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